Terms & Conditions

When using the services and products of Mays Floorplans Limited, you agree to be legally bound by the following terms:

  1. All prices quoted are exclusive of VAT and are subject to change at any time;
  2. Exclusive price agreements are non contractual and are subject to change after 6 months;
  3. If orders are cancelled in the day before the booking appointment you will incur no charge. Same day cancellations will incur a £30 charge;
  4. Regular customers will be invoiced on the last working day of the month and payment must be received within the agreed payment terms of the agreement. If payment is not received within this time, Mays Floorplans Limited has the right to charge Interest at 2.5% under the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998. You will receive your invoice via email unless we are otherwise instructed by yourself;
  5. Digital photographs will be uploaded to our website during the next working day following our visit to a property. They will be sent as a JPEG file unless otherwise stated or instructed;
  6. Mays photographers will always photograph a property to the best of their ability. If a property is not ready for a photo shoot then you will be liable for an additional charge should we be required to return to the property to re-shoot;
  7. All floor plans will be emailed to you the next working day of visiting the property. Mays Floorplans Limited will archive images and floor plans for 60 days from visit;
  8. All lease plans, in draft form, will be emailed to you for approval within 72 hours of site visit; once the plan has been approved and paid the final copy will be e-mailed to you. We cannot post lease plans until they have been approved. Mays Floorplans Limited will archive lease plans for 60 days from site visit. After this time retrieval of lease plans will be charged at £10 each;
  9. Images will be available for download 10 days after the instruction was completed. If the resources are required after this time you may be liable for additional charges;
  10. Mays lease plans/licensing act plans are produced with the greatest of attention and accuracy. Mays Floorplans Limited takes no responsibility for customer lease applications should they be rejected for whatever reason;
  11. Further major revisions after two sets of amendments to lease plans may be charged for;
  12. Mays Floorplans Limited shall exclusively own all copyright and other intellectual property rights relating to all visual material and resources produced by us.


If you have any questions, please contact us