Architectural Drawings

Ours include scale floor plans, sections, elevations and sometimes site plan as standard

These complex building design drawings are submitted to architects and comprise a set of blueprints
that we customise to very specific levels of detail. If you require the illustration of Datum levels, Land
Contours, grid of vital levels, manhole covers, trees and shrubs, power lines and lamp posts then we
have the experience and diligence to provide you with highly accurate drawings.

We have produced a multitude of architectural drawings in London for high net worth properties and developments.

Architect plans are our speciality. Please note – the lead time for this service can vary from a few
days to a week, and we will agree this in advance with the customer.

Planning Drawings

Here we are drawing the existing property in detail. Your architect or designer will then adapt our drawing to show the proposed changes, eg the addition of house extensions, basement extensions or loft conversions. Councils will differ on the complexity required. Often architectural plans will be required to include various combinations of scale floor plans, sections, elevations and a location plan or site plan. Council Building Control will need to sign off your planning application drawings so we are here to help if you are not quite sure what is needed. Shop refitting may also require planning permission plans depending on complexity.