Great photography can make a property go to top of the ‘must view’ list; it showcases the overall feel to draw in potential buyers, highlights quirky or striking details and whets the appetite for a quick appointment to get inside the bricks and mortar for a viewing.

In this market, getting the marketing right is key and Mays can work with you to ensure our photos show a property in it’s best light and drive enquiries to your door.

To help ensure a “photo ready” property when we visit, we’ve listed our top tips for sellers and agents.
    1. Help prospective buyers imagine themselves living there it may seem obvious, however depersonalising can go a long way to making a property more sale-able.  Declutter, free up the floor space to make rooms appear bigger.
    2. Clean and sparkling – try to ensure surfaces, floors and windows are spotless, open the blinds fully to let in the natural light, straighten curtains for neatness. A top tip is to go round and make sure all the light bulbs are working, replace any that aren’t; the photographer will turn on all the lights so it makes sense to maximise this chance for great photos.  Straighten tables and chairs and arrange cushions in an attractive way.
    3. Make your kitchen work – clear worktop of all non-essential items, remove fridge magnets, put washing up liquids, tea towels, soaps and plugs out of sight, same for rubbish bins, pet food bowls.  Adding a bowl of fresh fruit or vase of flowers can do wonders to make a kitchen warm and inviting.
    4. “Spa up” your bathroom – aim for a restful, clean space; clear toothbrushes, soaps, razors, plugs and shampoos from showers and baths, remove bins, scales, bathmats and laundry baskets, close the toilet lid, remove toilet brush and spare toilet rolls.  Adding candles or unusual bottles adds some interest although keep it simple and uncluttered, make sure towels are clean – a minimal amount of well placed, colour matched towels can add a colour pop and remind potential buyers of a favourite hotel.
    5. Super-tidy bedroom tips – clear all surfaces of clothes, shoes and laundry, remove tissues and jewellery from bedside tables, make sure you can’t see anything under the bed, ensure the bed looks tidy, use your best ironed linen!
    6. Make the most of the details – reception rooms can be prone to clutter, to bring out the multi-purpose nature of the space clear all children’s toys, remotes and excess books and leave surfaces as tidy as possible.  Clean fire places, open blinds and plump cushions, consider putting feature lighting near an attractive feature to bring it out, for instance an attractive fireplace, as this can look wonderful in photographs.
    7. Don’t forget the outside spaces – before the photographer arrives it’s best to park your car in front of the property, our photographer will ask you to move it to get a clear shot of the exterior and having this spot clear can make all the difference, giving the impression of a quiet street and a clean facade. Move bins, garden hoses, toys, tools and bikes out of sight, if you have hedges or trees, please consider trimming them so they look their best.  Make the outdoor space as clean as possible –  hose-down patios, mow grass and rake any stray leaves.